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Level Transition Blueprint | Unreal Engine Virtual Produciton

Richard Frantzén
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Here's how to use it. I will upload a tutorial as well but I wanted to get this out to you as soon as possible.

1. Download the package and put the folder into your Content-folder of the Unreal Project.

2. Create a Main Level which will hold Aximmetry Camera Blueprints and also add my LevelStreamingBlueprint. Also add a new Post Process Volume and make Infinite Extend is checked.

And then add the material PM_Outlines_Inst1 to Post Process Materials

(Click the plus sign and "add reference", then drag the material)

3. Go to Window and select Levels, so you get the new window with the levels.

4. Add the rest of the levels you want to transition between. 

5. Right click the levels and "Change Streaming Method", be sure to check Blueprint

6. Open up my LevelStreamingBlueprint and find the part below in the screenshots.

If you're not using Aximmetry you have trigger it in some other way. In the screenshot you can see after Level A custom event there is a Set not on which Level to Load. That's where you type in the name of your level.

7. Also remember to type in the correct name of the first level

8. To change the settings of the effect, just select the LevelStreamingBlueprint Actor and check the details panel when your out in the editor

That should be all. I'm not a programmer by trade so if you find better solutions in the scripts let me know and I will update. I can't guarantee everything works as stated and this is the first time I try to share something like this so if you notice something let me know that as well :) 

It should at least get you a head start on this and then you can evolve it in any way you like.

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Level Transition Template

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Level Transition Blueprint | Unreal Engine Virtual Produciton

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